Writing Prompt – Snow Day: Write about a day during your elementary school years when school was cancelled due to snow. Remember waking up to the “good” news? How did you fill your newfound free time?

This is a perfect prompt on a day like today, especially in Chicago, as news streams announce school closing because the snow storm. Have Fun and take advantage of an opportunity to Seize the Day!

I don’t remember seeing school closings on snow days, however, I remember the cool things we did.

I recall the blizzard of 1967 like it was yesterday. Twenty-four inches of snow pummeled Chicago and for a six year old was amazing. Kindergarten school was right across the street from our house and I probably could have made it there, I was glad I didn’t have to.

My brothers and I tunneled into the stuff and made a snow fort or at least a snow room. I jumped off the railing of the porch into the soft freezing powder. My dad had a sick sense of humor and had me stick my tongue to the metal railing. My tongue was firmly attached and my dad laughing like a hyena, I realized it wasn’t that bad. He finally released me from my shackle by pouring warm water over the my tongue binding, laughed again and gave me a hug. I loosened my scowled my face and applied an impish grin and accepted the warm embrace.

During high school there were some good ones and then not. The one I remember most may sound sad but in retrospect was good. Dad, this one is for you! The Blizzard of 79.

That was a different story, because it was the year my father passed. My Senior year, I had to drive my brothers, Joey and myself to Marist High School. Thank the Lord we had a snow day because the Pontiac Catalina was a beast to navigate in the snow. I would have been slipping and sliding all over the place. Besides, the anticipation of having fun on a snow say didn’t have the impact and fun factor that I remember from my youth. I had homework and responsibilities because dad passed away that year. Christmases haven’t been the same since.

As I raised my son, that all changed as I introduced sledding. I even learned to cross country and down hill ski. Taking my boy to Alpine Valley with his Cub Scout pack was a blast. Spent the entire time on the bunny hill but to laugh and fall on our butts together was priceless. No matter how old you are…

Happy Snow Day!!!!