I’m Dan Hansen and my goal is HOPE… Help Other People Everywhere. There are several groups I’m passionate about helping: Caregivers, Writers and our Veterans.

I am an entrepreneur, fulltime caregiver for my aging mother, writer and officer in the VFW Auxiliary – Department of Illinois. My network marketing business danhansen.ibuumerang.com supports my passion for helping other people, especially feeding children.

How does a boomerang work? You throw it and it comes back to you…

Through my blog and podcast I want to throw out useful information, encouraging words and a platform for others to promote what they are passionate about and come back as a way to make a difference, my therapist called it an existential crisis.

I want to help caregivers through my experences caring for my aging mother. As a writer not only do I want to contribute and promote my own works but also promote other writers through reviews, helping them market their works and interviewing them. Our Veterand through my works in the VFW Auxiliary and interviewing them in hopes of saving their stories for future generations.