Weigh In Update #WootSauce

Weigh In Update #WootSauce


#OrganoGold #OGP50K – 2/8/2015


Before 6/12/2014 and After 8/19/2014 – Those are the same shorts

Before 6/12/2014 and After 8/19/2014 – Holding the shorts that I wore in the before picture 🙂

I weighed in Wednesday and didn’t update my blog post. I have to say, “#WootSauce” I lost 100 pounds. I weighed in at 280.8 pounds this week. This is a major mile stone and about the halfway mark to my goal of 189. I have to thank my family for their support, Organo Gold for for the awesome products, my Organo Gold Family for their encouragement, and most of all God for His blessings.

I’m proud of the transformation physically, mentally, and financially. This is a huge milestone not only for my health but also my business. I have way less stress and feel amazing. I’m also practicing my golf swing and do a little dance every now-and-then. I am happy and grateful now that I have created a new lifestyle.

I’ve been asked what foods I miss. I say, “None,” because I can eat what I want. There are food I choose not to eat: breads, deserts, fried foods, and red meats. I think I could live a vegetarian lifestyle at this point. Right now I chose not to because I still like chicken, turkey and fish. If I choose to have french fries or something sweet, I don’t punish myself like I used to.

Dang, I Look Good!!!!

4 Steps to Weight Loss: TCC Episode 23 – http://danhansen.com/4-steps-to-weight-loss-tcc-episode-23

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