How to Connect: TCC Episode 41

How to Connect: TCC Episode 41 Beginning today, treat everyone you meet, friend or foe, loved one or stranger, as if they were going to be dead at midnight. Extend to each person, no matter how trivial the contact, all the care and kindness and understanding and love that you can muster, and do it […]

Project 5K

Project 5K! I am launching one of the largest projects of my professional career, Project 5K, it could mean a 6 figure income for the right person. Knowing what you know today about Starbucks if you had an opportunity to invest 10 years ago would you have done it? I am certain I found something […]

Last Day First Day: TCC Episode 40

Last Day First Day: TCC Episode 40 Live this day as if it will be your last. Remember that you will only find “tomorrow” on the calendars of fools. Forget yesterday’s defeats, and ignore the problems of tomorrow. This is it. Doomsday. All you have. Make it the best day of your year. The saddest words […]