5 Cs of the Scholarly Way: TCC Episode 21

5 Cs of the Scholarly Way: TCC Episode 21 Today’s Episode Mission to Save Kids Lives What is the Scholarly Way 5 Cs of the Scholarly Way Mission to Save Kids Lives! I’m on a mission to save kids lives. I need your help to support my son’s efforts. Help Save Children’s Lives by supporting Children’s Miracle Network […]

The Beginning of My Dissertation Journey

The Beginning of My Dissertation Journey It all started in 2005, while I attended DeVry working on my masters in Network and Communications Management with an emphasis in eCommerce. During that time, while I was working on my masters, a friend of mine, Ron born in Thailand, and I started translating the FDA handbook from […]

Why I Decided to Write This Book

Why I Decided to Write This Book I have way too many book and screenwriting projects started and not finished. I’m also working on my dissertation. The dissertation was the primary reason for writing this book. I want to help students like me get through the PhD program and the dissertation process. I’ll be looking at […]

The Scholarly Way: TCC Episode 20

The Scholarly Way: TCC Episode 20 Today’s Episode The Scholarly Way Why I’m Writing It The Scholarly Way The Scholarly Way will be about how I’m making it through the dissertation process. Area to be covered: Best practices Risks and risk mitigation Personal development Health Faith Family Anything else I can think of that will […]

Think and Grow Rich (New York, NY: Tarcher/Penguin Books; Revised & enlarged edition, 2003, 2005)

Think and Grow RichThink and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich is one of the most inspiring and practical books I have ever read. If you are in business or planning on starting a business, this is a must-read. This helped me envision the type of business I wanted to have and the power of belief to launch it. Napoleon Hill said, “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

I first read Think and Grow Rich in 1984 while on the train going to work everyday. I was a runner of the trading floor of the Chicago Board of Trade. I knew I didn’t want to just be a runner taking order for the rest of my life. I applied some of the principles and went from runner to market analyst and research specialist in 2 months. Later I went on to open my own hypnosis and wellness centers. Now I’m an entrepreneur again in my own International Gourmet Coffee Business, podcaster, blogger, writer and soon to be professional speaker.

This book has been read by more millionaires like Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, John C. Maxwell, and Robert Kiyosaki (just to name a few). If you want to be successful do like Napoleon Hill suggested, hang around people that are where you want to go, listen and read what they read, and make your own master mind alliance.

5 Ways to Stay Motivated During the Dissertation Process: TCC Episode 19

Place this image in your mind to help with your motivation during the dissertation process.

5 Ways to Stay Motivated During the Dissertation Process: TCC Episode 19 Today’s Episode: My progress Motivation During the Dissertation Process 5 Ways to Stay Motivated My Progress Date: September 16, 2014 Name: Dissertation Writing Topic: The Proposal Milestones: Chapter 3 revisions Summary: After coming back from a leave of absence, I’m on my second revision of chapter 3 […]

Remembering 9-11: 13th Anniversary

Remembering 9-11 I remember on September 11, 2001, I was in the teachers lounge at St. Christopher’s in Midlothian. The TV was on when the first tower went down. There was dead silence. The Principal jumped on the PA to announce what had happened. Our mission was to keep all the children safe. I remember the […]

The Universe Does Hear You: TCC Episode 18

The Universe Does Hear You: TCC Episode 18 “We are the creators of our universe” ~ Rhonda Byrne author of The Secret This Episode The Universe The Universe Does Hear You The Universe Aladdin and the Lamp. The genie of the lamp says, “Your wish is my command.” The Universe, God, Genie or whatever you call the the […]

Football or Reach My Goals

Football or Reach My Goals Today my football season officially begins. I’m a Die-Hard Bears Fan working on building a business, writing my dissertation, working on my Podcast and blog. I know watching the games on Sunday won’t help me reach my goals. I really don’t need the distraction. I face a challenge of how to […]

Wednesday Weigh-in

Wednesday Weigh-in – 9/3/2014 Wow! Another Wonderful Wednesday Weigh-in! I challenged myself last week by doing something different. I did a fruit fast to cleanse my body. It paid off. I lost 6.5 in the last week. When I was cleansing I felt sharp. My mind was more creative. I had more energy. As a result, I decided […]