Wednesday Weigh-in

Wednesday Weigh-in – 9/3/2014Cornucopia

Wow! Another Wonderful Wednesday Weigh-in! I challenged myself last week by doing something different. I did a fruit fast to cleanse my body. It paid off. I lost 6.5 in the last week. When I was cleansing I felt sharp. My mind was more creative. I had more energy. As a result, I decided to start thinking about a lifestyle change.

After doing that body cleanse, however, I had meat for the first time this Labor Day! I found that I liked the taste but not the effects. The grease tasted nasty and is still sitting with me. Last night I tried Greek style Chicken breast (boneless and skinless). I feel a little sluggish and still taste the grease from Monday. Now I know why people become or are vegetarians.

This morning I got a lot of texts. I had more energy and felt great; now I felt like a slug. I was asked it you are what you eat. I said yes because I felt bloated like a cow, fat as a pig, and lethargic like a sloth. Now I’m looking at switching over to a more vegan lifestyle. I used to love meats. Now the thought of eating meats makes me nauseous.  I don’t like it.

Today, I decided that it’s back to fruits and salad to flush the yuck from my body. I look forward to next Wednesday’s Weigh-in.

Thinking Going Vegan? Weiss (2013) suggested 5 ways to approach going vegan by doing it in steps.

My Routine

I drink water and my health coffee. Then I take Organo Gold Capsules where I start the day with Grapeseed Extract and Mycelium great for arthritis and mental clarity. Midday, I take the Ganoderma capsules for overall health and body detox. Just before bed I take the Spore Powder. All I know is I get a better quality of sleep. Looking forward to Wednesday weigh in.


Weiss, M. (2013, June 4). 5 Tips for Going Vegan. Retrieved from



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