The Inspiration to Earn My Doctoral Degree

The Inspiration to Earn My Doctoral DegreeThe Inspiration to Earn My Doctoral Degree

The inspiration to earn my doctoral degree started in my childhood. I wanted to be a doctor like the ones on TV. I discovered that wasn't going to happen when I had troubles passing nursing school. I even became a certified hypnotist because the human mind fascinated me.

I realized I had a knack for research when I questioned whether or not the mind was like a computer. With a background in psychology and hypnosis, I went to DeVry University and studied computer science. This let me compare the mind to a computer. I came up with a model of the mind but I never did anything with it. Good topic for later.

I found my niche in computer information management. I landed a job designing and programming touchscreen kiosks placed in hotel lobbies. This system provided information about dining and entertainment in the area. While designing these kiosks, I found I was good at information management.

I earned my bachelors in Computer Information Systems from DeVry in 2000. I went back to DeVry for my Masters Degree in Network and Communication Management specializing in e-commerce in 2006. The focus of my masters and ability to design kiosk systems got me a chance to speak in Thailand.

The true inspiration to earn my doctoral degree happened in 2007. I went to Thailand to consult on a kiosk information system for the government. This not only got me a free trip to Thailand but also a chance to share my knowledge. I was only armed with my masters degree and computer experience. I gave four presentations, at King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi, on network protocols, kiosk design, teleconferencing, and the future of wireless technology while there.

It was amazing to see that I had something to offer. I was asked to go back and teach. The only thing I needed was a PhD. That's when I enrolled at Walden University so I could go back and teach. All I have left to do is get my proposal approved and finish my study


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