Terrific Tuesday’s: A Brand New Day

A Brand New DayTerrific Tuesday's: A Brand New Day

"Pick a schedule and go with it. Make sure you hit it. Consistency is only about schedule, it’s also about content." ~ Dave Jackson, School of Podcasting

I have been undergoing an amazing, inner journey of transformation and have decided to make consistency one of my main goals. This came about when my mentor and friend said my posts were all over the place. She told me she lost interest because she never knew when I came back.

If my goal is to be an author, podcaster, blogger, and speaker I'd better get on schedule. Jackson (2014) suggested that you pick a schedule, stick to it, and make great content. That's what I intend to do. I want to provide great content. So, I decided that I will post on Tuesdays to start building great content and consistency. Check out Dave Jackson's podcast episode "iHeart Radio Stats – Mignon Fogarty “Grammar Girl” and 2014 Predictions: where he discussed attention to content detail with Grammar Girl Mignon Fogarty.

Just wanted to say that this post and selling a boat load coffee helped me get back on track. After getting laid-off last summer, not getting any feedback on my podcast, and running out of money, I didn't give up. I did some inner work and prayed a ton thanking God that I still had a brain and something to offer, especially from my dissertation work. With my new home-based business http://wantmycoffee.com I was able to turn my life around.

An amazing thing happened yesterday, I found Dr. Wayne Dyer's book Your Sacred Self: Making the Decision to Be Free laying on a shelf in a public area, picked it up, & I opened it. I opened up the second chapter "recognizing the Limitation of your Past" where he talked about his vision to be a writer, which is my goal, and made a decision to just do it. Most important was once making that decision to move it to the next level.

4 Steps I took to Move forward:

    1. Wow, a that point I decided to just do be an author, speaker, entrepreneur
    2. I decided to not worry about finding a job and focus on my dissertation, healthy coffee business, and write.
    3. I had let go of my past failures and move to the next level. There are no accidents and things happen for a reason
    4. Met with my friend and business mentor and came up with some action plans.
      1. The first was sell enough coffee to fund my writing, blog and podcast, which I did
      2. Make a vision board
      3. Schedule coffee parties to keep selling coffee and have some fun at the same time
      4. Create a platform to update or revise my podcast


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