Take Care of Yourself: Episode 6

Take Care of Yourself: Episode 6Take Care of Yourself

Today’s episode:

  • Take care of yourself
  • Financial Fast
  • Interview with Dave Jackson

Take Care of Yourself:

One thing I learned is take care of yourself. Staying in shape has been a challenge for me over the years. My weight has always been an issue since I was a kid. I found that when my health was failing so was my productivity.

My weight has always been my bane. Slowly and with great effort I have been losing a pound a week.  Over a year ago I was diagnosed with diabetes and morbid obesity. It will probably take me over a few years to reach my goal and that’s okay. So far I have lost 48.6 pounds. Did I reach my 52 pounds in a year? No, I’m proud of what I did so far.

Take Care of Yourself!!!

Financial Fast

While I’m working on my financial goals, I’m going to be working on my physical one as well. For June I will sacrifice starches and desserts. This is tough because I really like bread and sweets. Since the June 1st, I already lost 4 pounds.

Interview with Dave Jackson:

I have asked Dave Jackson of the Logical Weight Loss Podcast, at http://logicalloss.com/, to join me in an informal discussion on weight loss, his personal weight loss journey, and share any tips to benefit you.

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Logical Weight Loss Podcast with Dave Jackson

website: http://logicalloss.com/
iTunes: http://logicalloss.com/itunes/

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