Take a Mulligan

Take A MulliganTake a Mulligan

To take a mulligan (2013) means that a golfer is given a free shot when the previous shot was poorly played. Basically, a second chance or a “Do Over”. When I first learned how to play golf I was introduced to the mulligan. You can probably imagine why. No, I won’t paint a picture but let me tell you the guy that owned the house next to the course knows. This season of the Biggest Loser was all about second chances which made me think about what I really wanted to do with my life.

I’ve had a few mulligans writing my dissertation. I was laid off in August 2013 and have been working on that second chance. Finding work has been tough because I let myself get comfortable with my last job and didn’t upgrade my skills to keep up with the market. Even though, you can’t hop in your delorean or timey-wimey magical blue box (for all you whovians) and redo your life. You can, however, start each day as though it was a clean slate.

Personal Goals: My goals for 2014 are to complete my dissertation, graduating in July 2014, bring my Organo Gold business to the next level, get better at saying “no”, especially to those things that will not help me realize my goals, write more articles, finish a novel, and creating financial freedom.

Happy and Grateful Statement I am happy and grateful that I am a Diamond Consultant for Organo Gold coffee because I am able to be a good husband, father, son, brother, mentor, and author because I am able to have the freedom and time to write books and articles that entertain and inspire my readers in order to create positive social change.


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