Better Way To Live: TCC Episode 29

Better Way to Live: TCC Episode 29 Today’s Episode: A Better Way to Live 17 Rules for a Better Way of Life A Better Way to Live Revisited Jim Rohn said the same wind blows on us all and the difference is how we set the sails to take us to  our hopes and dreams. I decided to […]

Better Way to Live

Better Way to Live I walked to my bookshelves in my office looking for something to read. Since I have been focused on personal development, I found three books by Og Mandino: A Better Way to Live, The Greatest Salesman in the World, and The Choice. I pulled all three off the shelf and tucked them into my […]

Brainstorming: TCC Episode 28

Brainstorming: TCC Episode 28 Today’s Episode: Brainstorming Questions Yourself Brainstorming Exercises Brainstorming Brainstorming (2014) is the pondering of ideas in order to come up with a solution, a new book idea, overcoming writers block, or finding your brand. I like brainstorming ideas for screenplays, novels, or dissertation or podcast ideas. I find it fun and […]

HOPE: TCC Episode 27

HOPE: TCC Episode 27 Today’s Episode: HOPE (Helping Other People Everywhere) How You Can Help Others HOPE (Helping Other People Everywhere) I always wanted to help people. At first I wanted to be a paramedic. Then I thought I’d like to be a doctor. I never did either, YET. At least not a medical doctor. I […]

How to Resist Temptation: TCC Episode 26

How to Resist Temptation: TCC Episode 26 Today’s Episode: The Temptation How to Resist Temptation The Temptation I love my coffee business and what it has done for  me physically and financially. This last weekend my buddy, while helping his coffee business, kept referring to other network marketing programs he was involved in. After the event […]

30 Day Mental Fast: TCC Episode 24

The 30 Day Mental Fast Revisited

30 Day Mental Fast: TCC Episode 24 Today’s Episode: What is the 30 Day Mental Fast 30 Day Mental Fast (Modified) What is the 30 Day Mental Fast This was inspired by Jerry Clark’s 30 Day Mental Fast for Millionaires: Read Uplifting Material for 15-20 Minutes A Day Turn Off The Television Turn off the […]

Why I Decided to Write This Book

Why I Decided to Write This Book I have way too many book and screenwriting projects started and not finished. I’m also working on my dissertation. The dissertation was the primary reason for writing this book. I want to help students like me get through the PhD program and the dissertation process. I’ll be looking at […]

The Universe Does Hear You: TCC Episode 18

The Universe Does Hear You: TCC Episode 18 “We are the creators of our universe” ~ Rhonda Byrne author of The Secret This Episode The Universe The Universe Does Hear You The Universe Aladdin and the Lamp. The genie of the lamp says, “Your wish is my command.” The Universe, God, Genie or whatever you call the the […]

30 Day Coffee Challenge

30 Day Coffee Challenge I’m so proud of my weight loss experience. You can hear about it at and the coffee that helped. As I mentioned in Episode 15 of The Coffee Couch Podcast, I noticed that my eating habits changed. I no longer crave breads and sweets. This last week I decided to test my […]

Day 31: Just Show Up

Day 31: Just Show Up Eighty percent of success is showing up. ~ Woody Allen   No TV No Newspapers Read 15 minutes/day of a Good Uplifting Book Listen to Personal Development Audio Associate with positive people Drink water & take Organo Gold (Nutraceuticals) Capsules Exercise Reflection Time Just Show Up This last week was all about […]