Remembering 9-11: 13th Anniversary

Remembering 9-11

Remember 9-11

I remember on September 11, 2001, I was in the teachers lounge at St. Christopher's in Midlothian. The TV was on when the first tower went down. There was dead silence. The Principal jumped on the PA to announce what had happened. Our mission was to keep all the children safe.

I remember the confusion, sorrow, and anger, especially in the days and weeks that followed. I remember the sacrifices made by citizens, firefighters, and police officers. I remember friends going to New York to help. I remember how unified we felt as a country.

Most of all, I remember at the school getting a list of those who were lost and pulling a name or two off the list. Then we pray for their safe journey to heaven and bless and comfort their families. BecauseI live in St. John Fisher Parish, the name I drew was by no accident, John Fisher. Somewhere I still have the 3x5 card I drew, but I don't need it to remember because I pass by the church everyday.

Bless and Protect

For John R. Fischer, 46, New York City Fire Department, World Trade Center and and all those lost, click here to see a list. For our soldiers, in all branches of the military, who fight to protect our country. For the Firefighters and Police officers who sacrifice to serve and protect. For all our world leaders to find a means to create world peace. For all of us to help others before ourselves.


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