Project 5K

Project 5K!


I am launching one of the largest projects of my professional career, Project 5K, it could mean a 6 figure income for the right person. Knowing what you know today about Starbucks if you had an opportunity to invest 10 years ago would you have done it? I am certain I found something Bigger.

I am excited in my company Organo Gold (OG). I first had the Gourmet Black coffee over a year ago. I loved the taste and felt amazing after that first cup. Organo Gold not only helped me physically but also financially. Financially, I have earned 5 of the 7 ways you can in the business and look forward to the other two. Physically, if you have been following my blog, I have now lost 105 pounds since June thanks to my coffee, capsules, personal development (the foundation of OG), and making a decision. Like OG I have my own 4 Steps:

  1. Make a decision – I made a decision to fit comfortably on a plane because I was challenged to race Ferrari’s on the Autobahn in Germany.
  2. Personal Development – Changing my mindset to be happy, healthy and wealthy
  3. Be OG – which to me means being a total product of the product by not only drinking the coffee but also taking my spores everyday.
  4. Changed lifestyle (no diet) – I cut back on or totally eliminated breads, deserts, red meat, and fried food. I can eat those things although I choose not to. I made the change because I didn’t ever want to count calories again. If it doesn’t look or sound healthy I chose not to eat it. If I want something sweet I have a Mocha or Hot Chocolate.

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The Coffee That Pays 3 – Holton Buggs

Listen to our Executive Vice President of Sales, the number one Income earner in Network Marketing, the Michael Jordan or Ray Kroch of Network Marketing Mr. Holton Buggs explain the genius of coffee, magic of Ganoderma, and power of leadership in my company Organo Gold.

From the Ground To The Cup 3

Check out my company and watch the Overview of Organo Gold!

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