Never Give Up

"Never give up. Never surrender."gallaxyquest
~ Jason Nesmith (Tim Allen) Gallaxy Quest

Never give up is what persistence is all about. To me never giving up is digging deep inside to find the courage and power to pick up and keep moving. The following tips are nothing new most of them I have acquired through reading Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich". Here are some tips I have found to help me never give up:

  •  Make a goal: making a goal has helped me to to pick a direction and has helped me to get back on task when I find myself drifting.
  • Find a buddy: Napoleon Hill (1937) suggested that when two or more minds come together, you will have several people focusing on how you can actualize your goals.
  • Make a Vision Board: This is basically a collage of your dreams or goals. Paste up some pictures, sayings, or anything you desire. This is not only a fun activity; it also helps you picture what you want. I'm currently working on mine and when I have it all together I'll share that. For now this is what I'm talking about.



Hill, N. (1937). Think and grow rich. (21st Century ed.). New York, NY: Tarcher/Penguin Group.

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