The Scholarly Room is an online resource for everyone interested in life-long learning.

This Learning Community is based on the knowledge and prinipals of Walden University. One of my undergrad professors left me with a few challenges which to me are both powerful and awesome: 1) knowledge is power and 2) pass it on.

There are four Outcomes, from the Walden University Student Catalog, I have   chosen to be relevant to my post-graduate studies, personal goals and development   in becoming a scholar-practitioner who effects social change:

  • To communicate effectively, particularly to communicate their learning and research to others
  • To function flexibly and effectively in a variety of educational environments, including online and distributed environments
  • To achieve professional excellence as active and influential professionals by applying their learning to specific problems and challenges in their work settings and professional practice
  • To continue learning across their lifetimes, as practitioners, researchers, and scholars and to continue to impact social change