How to Resist Temptation: TCC Episode 26

How to Resist Temptation: TCC Episode 26resisttemptation

Today’s Episode:

  • The Temptation
  • How to Resist Temptation

The Temptation

I love my coffee business and what it has done for  me physically and financially. This last weekend my buddy, while helping his coffee business, kept referring to other network marketing programs he was involved in. After the event was over he told me about his success at losing 19 pounds over the past few months and made me one of his shakes to try.

I said, “I’ve lost 83 pounds with my coffee and capsules ( since the beginning of June 2014″, which is very significant since I don’t work out or starve myself. I realized I was very happy and grateful for my coffee company and the benefits it provides me and my family. My buddy was trying to get me to be a customer for a product that I have tried in the past without the success I’m having now.

Shakes are good, they provide nutrients and stuff, but I forget to make one as I’m running out of the house with my coffee. I have to ask why should I buy another shake product when I have several in my house that have probably expired like my stationary clothes hanger.

I probably should have said no but he said to get his coffee in, he adds it to the shake. I thought, “how interesting make me one of those”. I tried it both ways and loved the one with the coffee. Gee! it tasted like my mocha only cold with a teaspoon of peanut butter. I feel a new coffee recipe coming on, peanut butter mocha.

How to Resist Temptation

  1. Just say NO – For some that could be difficult especially if you work real hard to help others. Clear (2014) suggested that learning to say no should be a developed skill to help you in any endeavor. I have to agree.
  2. Remember Your Goals and Dreams – Ask yourself will this take me away from or toward my goals and dreams
  3. Who are you listening, What are you reading – if you hang around and listen to people who are living your dream, you’ll more then likely succeed especially if you imitate them and do what they do. Hill (1937) suggested that you should have a mastermind alliance and surround yourself with people who will help you reach your goals and dreams.


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Coffee Recipes –


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