HOPE: TCC Episode 27


HOPE: TCC Episode 27

Today’s Episode:

  • HOPE (Helping Other People Everywhere)
  • How You Can Help Others

HOPE (Helping Other People Everywhere)

I always wanted to help people. At first I wanted to be a paramedic. Then I thought I’d like to be a doctor. I never did either, YET. At least not a medical doctor.

I ended up in Nursing after my father passed. As a result of a class I took, I became a certified hypnotist. I’m working on my Ph.D. to make a difference in adult education. I will be Doctor Dan.

This podcast has helped my in more ways then one. I get to help people in a way I never thought about. I decided what I want to do when I grow up… Be a Coach. Now I hope to help you.

My Mission:

  • Godliness: Living to serve others. Godliness isolates negativity.
  • Help others: Helping others has helped me take the focus off my problems. By helping you reach your hopes and dreams, I’ll eventually reach my hopes and dreams.

How You Can Help Others

  1. Ask what you can do to help: Straight out ask “what can I do?”
  2. Smile: Acknowledge others
  3. Lend an ear: Just listening to someone else can make a difference
  4. Send a card or gift: Just let someone know you are thinking of them. Reach out and touch someone.
  5. Volunteer: Volunteer in your community, for an organization, or a hospital (which is how I met my wife 35 years ago)
  6. Donate: Give money to your favorite cause.
  7. Stop and help a stranger: Stop and help someone stranded on the side of the road.


OGCares: Creating the leaders of tomorrow by enriching the lives of youth around the world. – http://www.ogcares.org/

ExtraLife: Gamer Community coming together to support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals to save kids liveshttp://danhansen.com/extralife


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2 thoughts on “HOPE: TCC Episode 27

  1. I do all the things you mentioned. I tried the latte and it just isn’t something my body likes…I was even putting ice cream in my cup to try to make it taste good to me. Guess I’ve gone too long without being a coffee lover. Good luck with all you are trying to do with your life. And with your thesis…

    • Hi Patti,

      Thank You! That’s cool I get it. I understand, I’ve been the same way with red meat lately. I used to be a carnosaur but it’s been months without it now. I appreciate you for giving it a taste. I never tried it with ice cream though I wonder how that would go in a mocha. I got chapter 3 revisions done on my dissertation and should be done with my research by the end of February.

      Keep on writing!