5 Ways to Get Over The Wall: TCC Episode 15

Before 6/12/2014 and After 8/19/2014 – Those are the same shorts

5 Ways to Get Over The Wall: TCC Episode 15

Dan's Aspen Trip with Family

The before picture taken in the Maroon Bells, CO 6/12/2014

Dam Before and After

Before 6/12/2014 and After 8/19/2014 – Those are the same shorts

Today’s Episode:

  • What is the Wall
  • My Wall was My Weight
  • 5 Ways to Get Over The Wall

What is the Wall

What is the wall?

  • Divides rooms
  • Provides privacy by blocking a view or keeping people out
  • In this case, a barrier (2014) which is an obstacle, imagined or real, that keeps people or things apart, prevents communication, or slows progress.

The wall to me is the third definition. I had this habit of sabotaging myself especially when it came to my weight. I’d come up to the finish line and pull a hamstring, trip over my shoelaces, or just plain stop.

My Wall Was My Weight

I got so stuck on the how-to that I forgot to get to basics, the want-to. I had to ask better questions. How can I turn this around? What can I do to get over this wall?

I have been a yo-yo dieter. I have struggled with my weight since I was young. I was diagnosed with Morbid Obesity at 380 pounds. The last time I weighed 200 lbs I was 13. My wall was 340 pound mark.

Since I started using my coffee and taking the Organo Gold Capsules, part of my 30 day mental fast, I have shed over 50 pounds. I found I no longer crave breads or desserts. I no longer have a taste for beer which is weird because I used to brew it. Now I’m weighing in at 328.8 as of this post.

5 Ways to Get Over The Wall

These are 5 ways I took to get over the wall

  1. Consume Healthy Products: Take Organo Gold Capsules and Drink the Coffee. There is a mind-body connection.
  2. Ask Better Questions: I just started asking “how do I” or “how can I”.
  3. Take Action: Schwartz (1987) suggested to overcome obstacles you must take action.
  4. Baby Steps: Kiyosaki (2000) suggested that you take baby steps.
  5. Picture It: Picture in your mind overcoming the obstacle.


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