Football or Reach My Goals

Football or Reach My Goals

I finally fit in this jersey after 10 years. Staying fiercely focused helped.
I finally fit in this jersey after 10 years. Staying fiercely focused helped.

Today my football season officially begins. I'm a Die-Hard Bears Fan working on building a business, writing my dissertation, working on my Podcast and blog. I know watching the games on Sunday won't help me reach my goals. I really don't need the distraction.

I face a challenge of how to support my Bears and still work on what I need to do. With a little brainstorming and weight loss, I have an answer. I will dress in my Bears colors and work on my projects. I started with a Walter Payton Jersey I bought 10 years ago that I never wore because it was too tight. Then I went to make calls without success. May be they were watching the Bears... Hmmm.

I had to ask which is more important, football or reach my goals? I decided to stay focused this football season. Instead of getting my my comfy recliner, I worked on my many projects. I could always go back to watching later, however, I would rather watch from the VIP seats and bring friends with. In Episode 17, I talked about abundance and what it is I want to accomplish plus what that looks like.Little did I know there was something still holding me back. Something amazing happened, the Universe responded.

The Universe

I started the day kinda weird. There was definitely something holding me back. Thank goodness I'm a work in progress and, according to the Secret, I am the creator. Once I realized this and talked with my mentor, I turned it around. I even went so far as to write a check to myself for $1,000,000 to be cashed when I reach my destination.

the gardenThe Universe responds in many ways. Today, just before I wrote this, my son was putting ice in the basement freezer and a pile of my stuff crashed down on his head. Amongst that debris was a manuscript for a book I started in the 90s, on a manual typewriter, and a handwritten meditation with a sketched image to go with it. It looks like the Universe wants me to publish my first book and create the meditation audio for you.


Following are some of my goals to...

... Continue to take off 10 pounds a month until I reach 220 pounds

... Be an author who writes books and screenplays that entertain and inspire, RIGHT NOW

... Finish my dissertation and graduate with my Ph.D. by December 31, 2014

... Build a million dollar coffee business in 30 days


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