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Start weight 347 lbs. taken on my birthday March 28, 2013
Start weight 347 lbs. taken on my birthday March 28, 2013

Follow my weight loss transformation at where Danny Losso my personal trainer from Charter Fitness will post my progress. I will blog my progress so you can see the process from 2 different perspectives.

I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes with an A1C of 7.1 and weighed in at 380 lbs just by managing my diet. My doctor said all i had to do was lose 20 pounds and that would change. First thing I had to do was go to diabetes training with David Kats, CDE who taught me how to eat health. So with that MyFitnessPal then WeightWatchers, I proceeded to lose weight. After losing those 20 lbs my A1C went to 6.1. Just before deciding to go back to the gym and 30 lbs my A1C was 5.8. Then for the past few months I have been stuck and dieting was not doing it any more.

Like a bunch of my friends, I had a gym membership that I hadn't used in a long time. After interviewing Dave Jackson from the Logical Weight Loss Podcast, I signed up for Gym-Pact and went back to Charter Fitness (grandfathered in from Cardinal Fitness just to let you know how long it's been). After my first week back and floundering around the place I decided to tryout a free intro session with a trainer.  Enter Danny Losso, who on my Intro day put my through a grueling workout, like on the Biggest Loser,  and asked if it was normal for the room to spin. Now I know why some contestants blow chunks day 1 in the gym. My arms and legs were so sore I could hardly move. Then he asked if I wanted to sign up for more. Well I knew I was morbidly obese and way out of shape and said "Sure, Let's do this".

March 28, 2013 (my 52nd Birthday) was my actual Day 1. Danny explained that he had to know where I was at physically and I suspect at some level to find out if I was committed. I guess the commitment was answered when I showed up ready to go on my birthday. Feeling sore and not wanting to really workout he started me on 2 circuits with elastic bands, heavy ball,  kettlebell, and treadmill. Once I got rolling I felt better and my soreness started going away. He kept me at a pace where I was getting a good workout and carry on a conversation. I was happy about that and we discussed my weight goal of 224 lbs and I wasn't concerned with how long it took because I have lost 125 lbs the fast hard way and gained back 150+, so I am happy with my normal 1-2 lbs per week. I want to keep it off and make sure I toned at the same time. We are on the same page.

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