Dissertation Project with My Mentor

Dissertation project with my mentor Dr. Walter McCollum. The book will be entitled “A Journey of a Lifetime:  Best Practices and Tools for Doctoral Learners to be Successful in Completing the Dissertation Process.”  You are on this e-mail because I think you have done a great job in the dissertation process and would impact positive social change by helping others coming behind you do the same.  Please reply no later than Friday, Dec. 27th of your intent to contribute to the book.  Also, reply if you will not be contributing to the book.  The deadline to have your contribution (10 – 15 pages, double-spaced, in APA) to me is March 30th 2014.  I will be finalizing the book in April and going to publication May/June timeframe.
This book will be a social change contribution to doctoral learners from both selected doctoral graduates and students addressing the following questions:
Note:  After the title of your write-up, please provide your name, profession and favorite quote.
1) What was your inspiration to earn a doctoral degree?
2) What were your best practices for orienting yourself to the doctoral experience and preparing for the journey?
3) What were your best practices for completing the coursework?
4) What were your challenges of completing the coursework?  How were you able to make adjustments to get back on task?
5) What were your best practices for making the transition from coursework to the proposal/dissertation process?
6) What challenges and setbacks did you experience in the proposal/dissertation process?
7) How did you overcome the challenges and setbacks to get back on task?
8) What were the greatest lessons learned in the proposal/dissertation process?
9) What tools would you suggest as best practices for completing the coursework/proposal/dissertation (i.e. books, technology, resources)
10) What common problems have you seen or experienced in your doctoral process that keeps learners from making progress in the program?
11) What are your thoughts on peer mentoring in the doctoral process?
12) What are your thoughts on the benefit realization of implementing cohort models in the doctoral process?
Additional questions for doctoral graduates
13) How did you feel when your doctoral degree was conferred?  How did you feel when you walked across the stage to be hooded?
14) How have you grown as a scholar-practitioner after going through such an intense research based program?
15) How have you grown personally since you have become a doctor?
16) What does embracing your scholarly identity mean to you personally?  How have you been able to embrace your scholarly identity?
17)  How has earning a doctoral degree contributed to you knowing your value and worth?
18)  What challenges have you faced in the corporate world or your profession as a result of earning a doctoral degree?
19)  What has been your greatest accomplishment post earning a doctoral degree
20)  How have you been able to integrate into the “Sea of Scholars” and professional networks comprised of other doctors?
21)  What is the most important piece of advice you would offer doctoral learners to help them be successful, both in the doctoral process and post earning the doctoral degree.

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