Constant and Neverending Improvement – Episode 10

Constant and Neverending ImprovementConstant and Neverending Improvement

In Japan, the word for constant and never-ending improvement is kaizen. Not only is this an operating philosophy for modern Japanese businesses, it is also the age-old philosophy of warriors, too—and it’s becoming the personal mantra of millions of successful people. - Jack Canfield

As part of my constant and never-ending improvement, I have decided to bring everything home. Literally, I'm bringing everything to my home page, I discovered that I have so many goals and projects. I didn't want to be so scattered on the Internet. I have decided to take my lead from Michael Hyatt at Therefore, I'm taking my blog and podcast to the next level.

Taking It to the Next Level

This is exciting. I'm taking my blog and podcast to the next level. I am planning on putting everything under one domain,

What do I mean? My blog is already at I am working on is merging the podcast The Coffee Couch there. I'm also bringing in my scholarly studies from The Scholars Room. I have a few books and screenplays that I am working on. I decided to do is make me the brand.

This will allow me to showcase the many sides of me. The scholar-practitioner, novelist, screenwriter, and podcaster will all have a chance to shine.


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