Brainstorming: TCC Episode 28

Brainstorming: TCC Episode 28brainstorm_diagram_new

Today’s Episode:

  • Brainstorming
  • Questions Yourself
  • Brainstorming Exercises

Brainstorming (2014) is the pondering of ideas in order to come up with a solution, a new book idea, overcoming writers block, or finding your brand. I like brainstorming ideas for screenplays, novels, or dissertation or podcast ideas. I find it fun and easy to do. I’ve even brainstormed this podcast.

Brainstorming this podcast. I worked with Dave Jackson, of the School of Podcasting, and Erik K. Johnson, your Podcast Talent Coach. We looked at my passion of personal development, hypnosis and coffee. Then we looked at my challenges as an online student working on my PhD.  I wanted to find connections with my other classmates, instructors and like minded people like you. That’s how The Coffee Couch was born.

Question Yourself

The questions that were the starting point for my podcast:

  • Who is my audience? I chose graduate students in their 40s to 50s. I came up with that by googling the average age o of online students about 35 to 40. I wanted to include people my own age who started later than most. I think of my fellow classmates in my dissertation cohort when I record.
  • What do I know? I know about online learning, social media, personal development, hypnotherapy, the dissertation process, and coffee.
  • What am I passionate about or love? I passionate about making a difference and helping others. I want to see you succeed.
  • What does my audience love? I started looking at statistics from the hits to blog posts. I found that my information on the dissertation writing, personal development and coffee got the most views.  That is still a mystery. Let me know what you’re passionate about?

Brainstorming Exercises

  1. Subscribe to Blogs or Podcasts: Find our what others are thinking about what you’re passionate about.
  2. Funnel Approach: Take a broad topic, Start narrowing it down, keep tightening until you have a specific topic.
  3. Put ideas in a hat: Take small pieces of paper, write your ideas on each one (no limit), and then pull out 3. Write those 3 ideas in a notebook or your journal. See what you get.
  4. Get together with your mastermind group: Sit down with friends, instructors, writers group, or even your family They might not get what you’re working on but you never know what will come up.


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2 thoughts on “Brainstorming: TCC Episode 28

  1. I am passionate about genealogy…even moreso than screenwriting which has always been #1. I’m not techy and I have an aversion now to facebook and twitter and all those invasive mediums.

    • My brother is huge into genealogy and has traced our family way back. He has even found that we are Native American (Lakota & Cherokee). We even have names: I’m Daniel Startalker & he’s John High Eagle. Like you with Tech I’m the same with genealogy.

      Techy can be over rated just use what you need. Although, to promote yourself it would be a boon to get through it. I don’t spend a lot of time on Facebook because it could become a huge distraction. I like Twitter because you’re in and out fast. Plus you have to say what you need in a short space. Focus is the key there.