Arctic Vortex Saved Me

The Arctic Vortex Saved MeArctic Vortex 2014

Wow, the arctic vortex saved me by changing my stormy life through reflection and taught me that persistence will pay off by forcing me into action. Tuesday, February 18, 2014 the news reported that flooding would start as temperatures climb to the 40s. I had some boxes in my garage which I had packed from my office when I had to move out for a bit and never made it back into the house when I did.

In the boxes were some books I wanted to make sure I saved, one was "The Manuscripts of Thomas Willhite" founder of PSI Seminars. When I opened the cover I saw so many kind words from the other participants in the leadership I went to in 2003. I began to weep as I started to recall the activities we did together as a group, all those faces, and how much others had touched my life. This Arctic Vortex forced me to save the life I boxed up. This then drove me to start reaching out to those who shared in the experience.

Another book I saves was The Writings of Florence Scovel Shinn (Includes The Shinn Biography): The Game of Life/ Your Word Is Your Wand/ The Power of the Spoken Word/ The Secret Door to Success, particularly "The Game of Life & How to Play It". This was given to me as a gift when I opened my hypnosis practice in 1990. This book had been a reference on how to get the most out of life and enjoy it. When I was faced with tough choices I'd open it like the Bible and see what message I needed to hear for that time.

The last book I saved was an autographed copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Writers: 101 Motivational Stories for Writers - Budding or Bestselling - from Books to Blogs signed by Mark Victor Hansen (no relation). I met Mark in 2003 at the PSI Seminars Principia event where he talked about how many rejections they got before "Chicken Soup of the Soul" was published. He said when  someone rejects you or your work say "Next" because eventually someone will say "Yes". That is a metaphor for getting back into writing and starting my home-based coffee business because I have faced many rejections and wanted to give up. This reminds me to hang in there or persist until I get that "YES". I have a goal of being a paid author and I boxed the book like boxing my life. What was amazing that now I have made that decision to move forward as an author, this book appeared when I need it the most.


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