4 Ways on How to Be Proud of Yourself: Episode 5

4 Ways on How to Be Proud of Yourself: Episode 5jim Rohn

Today’s Topic:

  • Are you proud of who you are
  • 4 Ways on How to be Proud of Yourself

Are you proud of who you are?

I had an interesting experience. I had a chance to speak to 4 groups of high school students. I was asked to tell about my learning disabilities. As a child, I was called stupid. Told I wouldn’t amount to anything. I even got into high school by accident when my acceptance letter was switch with the other Daniel Hansen.

I found a mentor who saw something in me that I didn’t. Now I see in me what that mentor saw in me. You have something to offer! You are worth it!

4 Ways on How to be Proud of Yourself

  1. Take inventory: Look deep inside to see what you have to offer. It could be as simple as being good at computers, sewing, writing, speaking, cleaning, organizing… What ever it is that you do makes you special. No one can take that away from you.
  2. Get a few successes: Hit a few goals. They don’t have to be huge goals. They could be small goals like cleaning off your desk or writing your blog post.
  3. Don’t be afraid to fail: Failure is an opportunity in disguise – The Psychology of Winning by Dennis Waitley. Sometimes we make mistakes. As a writer I always make mistakes.I had to give myself permission to fail so that I can become a better writer. I have to tell myself “Don’t be so hard on yourself.”  So don’t be hard on yourself either.
  4. Showing up is half the battle: I was teased and bullied a lot as a kid and I wanted to quit. My dad always told me, “Don’t quit! Keep showing up! One day you’ll make it!” He was right just like this challenge, if I want to change myself I have to keep showing up.


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