4 Steps to Weight Loss: TCC Episode 23

So far I've taken off 74 pounds.

I’ve taken off 74 pounds.

4 Steps to Weight Loss: TCC Episode 23

Today’s Episode:

  • Why I Want to Lose Weight
  • How This Applies to Your Scholarly Journey
  • 4 Steps to weight loss
    • Make a Decision
    • Create a Picture in Your Mind
    • Change Your Coffee! Change Your Life!
    • Experiment with Your Body

 Successful weight loss takes programming, not willpower.

~ Phil McGraw – Psychologist, Talk Show Host

To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.

Why I Want to Lose Weight

I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and morbid obesity with an A1C of 7.1 and weighed in at 380 lbs over a year ago, when I was laid off from Chicago Public Schools in June 2013. My doctor suggested that I start taking medicine or lose weight. I discovered over the years after trying many weight loss products and fad diets that I had to change my approach. Robbins (1991) suggested that your past doesn’t equal your future. This meant I had to do something different.

In March 2014 I was stuck just over 345 until May when I had a chance to hang with the millionaires in my coffee company. I was sitting in the back of a coach bus with 2 (Mr. Jose Ardon and Ivan Alberts) who were talking about driving Ferrari’s on the Autobahn in Germany and shot me a challenge to join them. I knew to do that I needed to have the financial freedom to do that and lose weight so I could travel comfortably. I reached a point of being sick and tired of losing and gaining weight.As of my last physical my A1C was 5.1. My last weigh in, I was 306. This time it had to be permanent and part of my scholarly journey.

How This Applies to Your Scholarly Journey

Like any good race, you need to be in peak performance and have the stamina to get to the finish line. Those late night writing sessions. Preparing to defend your dissertation. As I have lost the weight I find that I have more stamina and some mental clarity. I found that when my health was failing so was my productivity. I want to look good walking across the stage at graduation too.

I started slowly and with great effort I had been losing a pound a week. Then in May 2014 when I made a decision, I kicked it into overdrive. Schwarts (1987) suggested that you are your own laboratory and can experiment on yourself. I did that and found my 4 steps that helped me lose 74 pounds.

4 Steps to Weight Loss

  1. Make A Decision
    1. To get healthy
    2. To fit comfortably in booths and airplanes
    3. To make it a permanent change
    4. My Goal is 224 pounds, what I weighed on my honeymoon 1984
  2. Create the Picture in Your Mind
    1. Last time I weighed 224 was in 1984 (I will look for the picture)
    2. I picture myself traveling all over the world in comfort and style
    3. Goal is to race Ferraris on the Autobahn in Germany
  3. Change Your Coffee! Change Your Life!
    1. I infused my body with Ganoderma
    2. I didn’t drink any other brand of coffee or teas
    3. Goal to create financial freedom
  4. Experiment with Your Body
    1. I gave up breads and desserts (became easy by drinking the mocha or hot chocolate)
    2. I did a few detoxes with fruit fasts
    3. Goal to do another the 30 Day Coffee Challenge

The 30 Day Coffee Challenge

Drink one cup of Organo Gold Gourmet Coffee a day, there are 30 individual servings per box for black or latte. Then contact me at dan@wantmycofee.com to let me know how did you like the taste and how did it make you feel. You can buy a box at http://wantmycoffee.com


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