3 Ways to Escape From Your Cage

3 Ways to Escape From Your Cage3 Ways to Escape From Your Cage

Yeah, as long as we know we're trapped, we still have a chance to escape.
~ Sara Grant

"We are not trapped by our thoughts. What we generally do, however, is create thoughts that trap us.”
~ Joshua David Stone

You create your own cage. As long as you realize that you are trapped you can get out. A few months ago I was lost, angry, petrified, nervous, and trapped. I was laid-off from a job that was going nowhere. Smothered by the need to finish my PhD and get another job. I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life, which was the foundation for the cage I was about to create.

The cage I created for myself was hard to escape from. In fact, I'm still in escape mode. The cage was made from shear desperation. The cage was a job I took working for  a friend of mine. She was the boss and I was the employee. I was so exhausted working 9-6 that by the time I got home, I had no desire to work on my own projects. I created thoughts that where so negative that It affected everyone around me. I realized that I wanted to be my own boss more then ever before. It was the best experience ever! Then, I found 3 ways to escape from that cage and start dreaming big dreams again.

1) Realize you're in a cage: The first clue that made me realize I was trapped was a tightening of my chest when I went to the cage. Second, I felt there was no wait out but to quit. Lastly, how insignificant I felt. I was a tool to help someone else realize their dreams at the sacrifice of my own.

2) Listen to a better voice: I listened to audio books and podcasts that inspired and entertained, like Think & Grow Rich, Michael Hyatt's podcast This is Your Life, Holton Buggs YouTube videos, and [insert pocket inspiration]. I also reached out to my mentor & inner circle.

3) Write: I journaled what was going on. I redid my purpose statement. I reevaluated my big Why. I started mapping a new direction. This blog has been a saving grace. I even decided to start a new career as a life coach.


Michael Hyatt - http://michaelhyatt.com/

This is Your Life Podcast - http://michaelhyatt.com/thisisyourlife

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

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Listen to other voices through PD Audio: 

Murphy's Committee by Jerry Clark

Meditations to Change Your Brain: Rewire Your Neural Pathways to Transform Your Life by Rick Hanson and Rick Mendius.

Listen to other voices through Books: 

Peace Is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life


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