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3 Ways to Regain Focus - Episode 8target

Today's Episode:

  • 3 Ways to Regain Focus

F.O.C.U.S. ~ Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad)


An ancient Indian sage was teaching his disciples the art of archery. He put a wooden bird as the target and asked them to aim at the eye of the bird. The first disciple was asked to describe what he saw. He said, "I see the trees, the branches, the leaves, the sky, the bird and its eye.." The sage asked this disciple to wait. Then he asked the second disciple the same question and he replied, "I only see the eye of the bird." The sage said, "Very good, then shoot." The arrow went straight and hit the eye of the bird. by Rebbetzin Malkah

I've had a goal for several months now. I come close to hitting that target. Life will sometimes finds a way to make you lose focus. Let's call those distractions. Like a marksman, you have to adjust the your scope to regain that focus. As Captain Kirk said to Kahn (Star Trek II: Wrath of Kahn), “Like a poor marksman, you keep missing the target.”

Those distractions came at a high price. My self-confidence took a major hit. My attitude and motivation were going back to a dark point in my life.  It got to the point of hurting those that I cared about most.

I decided never to go back there again. I had to find a way back. I found three ways for regaining my focus.

3 Ways To Regain FOCUS

  1. Reach Out and Get In Touch with Someone: Reach out to people who support you such as a mentor, other leaders in your organization, and like-minded people. They could get you back on track. In other words, an accountability team. I had to dig deep into personal development by reading Napoleon Hill, John C. Maxwell, Robert Kiyosaki, and others.
  2. Have a clear picture in your mind: Create a vision board with all the dreams and goals you want to achieve. I have pictures of my books I will write that I will write to inspire, entertain, and educate, as well as picked a zip code for a house in Maui .
  3. Revisit Your Goals: Revisiting my goals reminded me that some sacrifices will need to be made to achieve my goals. I discovered that with this new challenge I will need to make sacrifices elsewhere like giving up watching Castle, The Voice, and playing computer games like World of WarCraft.

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Rebbetzin Malkah -

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3 Ways to Find Accountability - Episode 7

"Accountability breeds response-ability.” ~ Stephen R. Covey

Today’s Episode:

  • What is accountability
  • 3 Ways to find accountability

What is Accountability

Accountability is a willingness to accept responsibility for one's actions. There are many projects I have going on and need to keep motivated. I found accountability is the best way to stay on point.

Covey (1991) suggested that accountability offers you the ability to respond to whatever life throws at you. You can react or respond to life. Reaction can cause more damage through emotion. Responding to life seems to be more positive. You have the power to choose. Accountability creates a buffer between you and life.

I have many goals as a Ph.D. student, writer, business man and me personally. I want to get my business going strong. I want to lose weight. I have a novel and dissertation that needs or wants to be written.

3 Ways to Find Accountability

  1. Software:
    • Scrivener - Has writing targets that help me with my word count and keeping project on time
    • Evernote - I can set timers and to do lists that help keep projects going
    • Rosetta Stone - Helps me to learn spanish, has a tutoring system built in, and keeps my lessons flowing.
    • Write or Die 2: Write or Die is an application for Windows, Mac and Linux which aims to eliminate writer's block by providing consequences for procrastination and, new to this version, rewards for accomplishment.
  2. Apps:
    • Goals
      • Great program for tracking goals, create vision board, and will let you know if you're on time
      • Calendar: anyone will do
      • Bucket List: Lists all your want tos. Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) Shawshank Redemption" said, "Get busy living or Get busy dying". I'm getting busy living.
    • Weight
      • MyFitnessPal (free)
      • Gym-Pact: This one earn you money when you do your workouts. You lose money bucks if you don't.
  3. Accountability buddy: This is the most important. You must find someone who has your best interests at heart. Someone who sees something in you that you don't see. Someone who will take you for who you are.


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Covey, S. R. (1991). Principle-centered leadership. New York: Summit Books.

Maxwell, J. C. (2007). The 21 irrefutable laws of leadership: follow them and people will follow you. Nashville, Tenn.: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

Take Care of Yourself: Episode 6Take Care of Yourself

Today's episode:

  • Take care of yourself
  • Financial Fast
  • Interview with Dave Jackson

Take Care of Yourself:

One thing I learned is take care of yourself. Staying in shape has been a challenge for me over the years. My weight has always been an issue since I was a kid. I found that when my health was failing so was my productivity.

My weight has always been my bane. Slowly and with great effort I have been losing a pound a week.  Over a year ago I was diagnosed with diabetes and morbid obesity. It will probably take me over a few years to reach my goal and that’s okay. So far I have lost 48.6 pounds. Did I reach my 52 pounds in a year? No, I'm proud of what I did so far.

Take Care of Yourself!!!

Financial Fast

While I'm working on my financial goals, I'm going to be working on my physical one as well. For June I will sacrifice starches and desserts. This is tough because I really like bread and sweets. Since the June 1st, I already lost 4 pounds.

Interview with Dave Jackson:

I have asked Dave Jackson of the Logical Weight Loss Podcast, at, to join me in an informal discussion on weight loss, his personal weight loss journey, and share any tips to benefit you.

DIET vs EXERCISE Episode 1: Fat Loss Diet versus Best Cardio Workout to Burn Belly Fat (the video mentioned)


Logical Weight Loss Podcast with Dave Jackson


Healing Our Marriage Podcast with Dave Jackson
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4 Ways on How to Be Proud of Yourself: Episode 5jim Rohn

Today's Topic:

  • Are you proud of who you are
  • 4 Ways on How to be Proud of Yourself

Are you proud of who you are?

I had an interesting experience. I had a chance to speak to 4 groups of high school students. I was asked to tell about my learning disabilities. As a child, I was called stupid. Told I wouldn't amount to anything. I even got into high school by accident when my acceptance letter was switch with the other Daniel Hansen.

I found a mentor who saw something in me that I didn't. Now I see in me what that mentor saw in me. You have something to offer! You are worth it!

4 Ways on How to be Proud of Yourself

  1. Take inventory: Look deep inside to see what you have to offer. It could be as simple as being good at computers, sewing, writing, speaking, cleaning, organizing... What ever it is that you do makes you special. No one can take that away from you.
  2. Get a few successes: Hit a few goals. They don't have to be huge goals. They could be small goals like cleaning off your desk or writing your blog post.
  3. Don't be afraid to fail: Failure is an opportunity in disguise - The Psychology of Winning by Dennis Waitley. Sometimes we make mistakes. As a writer I always make mistakes.I had to give myself permission to fail so that I can become a better writer. I have to tell myself "Don't be so hard on yourself."  So don't be hard on yourself either.
  4. Showing up is half the battle: I was teased and bullied a lot as a kid and I wanted to quit. My dad always told me, "Don't quit! Keep showing up! One day you'll make it!" He was right just like this challenge, if I want to change myself I have to keep showing up.


Jim Rohn


5 ways to motivate yourself: Episode 4Motivation

Today’s Topics:

  • New Mission
  • When you can’t motivate yourself
  • 7 ways to motivate yourself

A New Mission

On Friday, May 23rd, 2014, I was in Atlanta attending the VIP Red Carpet Event. I had a chance to meet and talk to Mr. Holton Buggs. I'm sure he turned right around and googled me. At the end of the conference on Sunday in his closing remarks, he said theres a guy trying to find a brand trying to motivate others when he can't even motivate himself. Yep, I think he was calling me out.

So, I'm gonna eat a bit of humble pie. All I ever wanted to do was make a difference in the world. Since my life's purpose it to make a difference, I decided to take on Mr. Buggs' mission of making a difference in 1.4 Million peoples lives. Not sure I'll ever witness that in my lifetime. I want to let him know that he at least made a difference in my life.

When you can’t motivate yourself

Two things that kept me from being motivated, fear and drifting. Fear is like an an anchor that drags you down. Fear can suck the life out of you like a vampire. Not having direction is like driving without a steering wheel. There is nothing worse then being unfocused or drifting (Napoleon Hill Outwitting the Devil). Will I ever get there?

5 ways to motivate yourself 

Thanks to me experiences over the past week, I found 5 ways to motivate yourself:

  1. Break through the wall. Do something to move forward.
  2. Pick a direction
  3. What's the worse that could happen
  4. Dig Deep find what's holding you back see
  5. Have fun! - Art of the Deal by Donald Trump


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