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3 Ways to Escape From Your Cage3 Ways to Escape From Your Cage

Yeah, as long as we know we're trapped, we still have a chance to escape.
~ Sara Grant

"We are not trapped by our thoughts. What we generally do, however, is create thoughts that trap us.”
~ Joshua David Stone

You create your own cage. As long as you realize that you are trapped you can get out. A few months ago I was lost, angry, petrified, nervous, and trapped. I was laid-off from a job that was going nowhere. Smothered by the need to finish my PhD and get another job. I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life, which was the foundation for the cage I was about to create.

The cage I created for myself was hard to escape from. In fact, I'm still in escape mode. The cage was made from shear desperation. The cage was a job I took working for  a friend of mine. She was the boss and I was the employee. I was so exhausted working 9-6 that by the time I got home, I had no desire to work on my own projects. I created thoughts that where so negative that It affected everyone around me. I realized that I wanted to be my own boss more then ever before. It was the best experience ever! Then, I found 3 ways to escape from that cage and start dreaming big dreams again.

1) Realize you're in a cage: The first clue that made me realize I was trapped was a tightening of my chest when I went to the cage. Second, I felt there was no wait out but to quit. Lastly, how insignificant I felt. I was a tool to help someone else realize their dreams at the sacrifice of my own.

2) Listen to a better voice: I listened to audio books and podcasts that inspired and entertained, like Think & Grow Rich, Michael Hyatt's podcast This is Your Life, Holton Buggs YouTube videos, and [insert pocket inspiration]. I also reached out to my mentor & inner circle.

3) Write: I journaled what was going on. I redid my purpose statement. I reevaluated my big Why. I started mapping a new direction. This blog has been a saving grace. I even decided to start a new career as a life coach.


Michael Hyatt -

This is Your Life Podcast -

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Quotes on being trapped: -

Listen to other voices through PD Audio: 

Murphy's Committee by Jerry Clark

Meditations to Change Your Brain: Rewire Your Neural Pathways to Transform Your Life by Rick Hanson and Rick Mendius.

Listen to other voices through Books: 

Peace Is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life


Three Ways for Regaining FocusThree Steps for Regaining Focus

by Dan Hansen



Life will sometimes finds a way to make you loose focus and it is up to each one of us to adjust the our lenses for regaining that focus. For me it was taking on a temporary job to help with some of my financial hurt. However, it added challenges to my faith, family, friends, fitness, and finance. I was able to find three ways for regaining my focus.

For one thing, my self-confidence took a major hit because it was setting my goals on the back burner and made me feel unnecessary. I have been working hard at starting my own business and built some momentum; then, I created a cage for myself by becoming someone else's employee. My attitude and motivation were going back to a dark point in my life I never wanted to revisit. It got to the point of hurting those that I was helping to attain their goals. So I had to find a way back and regain my focus.

Three Step for regaining FOCUS

  1. Reach Out and Get In Touch with Someone: I reached out to people who support. My mentor, other leaders in my organization, and like-minded people because I knew they would give me the kick in the butt I needed. In other words, my accountability team.
  2. Vision: Create a vision board with all the dreams and goals you want to achieve. I have pictures of my books that I will write to inspire, entertain, and educate.
  3. Revisit Your Goals: Revisiting my goals reminded me that some sacrifices will need to be made to achieve my goals. I discovered that with this new challenge I will need to make sacrifices elsewhere like giving up watching Castle, The Voice, and playing computer games.

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The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership: Follow Them and People Will Follow You (10th Anniversary Edition)
by John C. Maxwell

Patience, Persistence, and PerspirationPatience, Persistence, and Perspiration

Patience (2014) is the ability to remain calm and not become annoyed when waiting for a long time or when dealing with problems or difficult people.

Persistence (2014) is the quality that allows someone to continue doing something or trying to do something even though it is difficult or opposed by other people.

Perspiration (2014) is the clear liquid that forms on your skin when you're hot, nervous or excited.

Patience, persistence, and perspiration are the keys to success. Hill (2014) suggested that patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success. This means that you need to stop listening to all those naysayers that tell you you can't do something, keep at your passion no matter what, and pour your sweat or work at what you want. To put it simply, have a big enough why, dig deep, and never give up.

I was inspired to write this because of one person who found a list of 50 things he wanted to do and then left the real world and traveled across this country checking each item off his list. Brett Rounsaville the Amtrekker, at the age of just 24, did something that I would find outside my comfort zone, especially at the age of 50ish. However, it has inspired me to look at my own life and look at my own list, which I did when I was about 30 something.

There were only four things on it: 1) be an author of many books, 2) have freedom to travel, 3) become a public speaker, and 4) be a great father. What I found was that life got in the way and I forgot about this little list but it's quite funny that after about 20 years those dreams are resurfacing and demanding attention. Now that list is a little bigger but still revolves around those original goals. When I was a kid I wanted to be a doctor, never thought I'd be working on my PhD when it was advised not to even think about going to college because of poor ACT scores. I guess I wanted it more then they thought I deserved.

3 simple questions to ask yourself:

So what is your big why? What dreams do you have? Where do you want to go?


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