I’m a Travel Savings Ambassador with iBuumerang, IT professional, certified hypnotist, public speaker, screenwriter and taking a crack at novel writing. I will be covering aspects of these areas of my life as well. For sanity sake I will be focusing on Caregiving, Writing and Traveling.

My goal is to relaunch The Coffee Couch Podcast with the purpose of Helping People One Cup at a Time. I’m a caregiver for my aging mother and I will be covering how to stay sane while caring for an aging parent. I will be offering tips and strategies for making it through the day.

My Story

I’m a writer/xcreenwriter and will be following my writing Journey.

I learned screenwriting first as part of my therapy for staying sane which is featured in my Work-in-Progress #WIP Charlie’s Reward. I found screenwriting a little easier and novel writing a whole different mindset and process. My current project is Charlie’s Reward and the working project logline is:

On the verge of losing his son, a bartender stuck in Limbo must help to his son; but when his son ends up in jail, he must get his son to forgive him before his son loses God’s greatest gift.